Friday, August 08, 2008

Benjamin's Blankie

I recently went a little crazy buying yarn and baby crochet pattern books at the fabric store. Here's the first project I completed, for my boss's little boy Benjamin due in October. It's a "snuggle blankie" - basically a small blanket with feet & hands and a teddy-bear head. I added a little blue heart too. It turned out nicely, although this super fuzzy yarn is a lot harder to work with than I expected. It's hard to count your stitches when you can't see them!

I have a lot more cute patterns picked out that I want to make, some for Baby Conan of course but also for my brother's little girl (due in november) and for all the other babies I know too, both born & unborn. :)


Ericson said...

Luckily it looks like you're better on the follow through than I am . . . Moira's quilt stalled out at the cross stitch part. Hopefully I can become re-inspired once the weather turns.

Addie said...

I think it's just the nesting hormones, honestly. Usually I'd never stand a chance of completing a project like this in the summer either. :)

Keeley said...

Cute....can I have one too? An adult sized one that's got a camel head? Oh yeah, and a hoodie towel too. Seriously- super cute blankie and great job too!