Saturday, August 30, 2008

Moina Corn! Moina do it!

The Ericsons came up for a visit and had dinner with us last night. Moina* - er, I mean Moira - a was very excited about the corn we picked from the garden, in fact after we had picked it she insisted on carrying an ear with her on our pre-dinner walk. So cute! After our walk she helped me "open" the corn.
This is the first corn I've harvested from the garden this year, we will probably have just one more picking - I only put in one short row. But it sure was tasty! Moira wanted to eat it before we cooked it, it took quite a bit of convincing to get her to let me have ALL the corn for the cooking pot. A couple ears got nibbled raw, but they cooked up nicely just the same.

Everyone agreed the corn was delicious, you just can't beat it fresh from the garden, young & tender. Moira ate two ears!

*Moina is how Moira pronounces her own name these days. More than once I found myself slipping into using her pronounciation. :)

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