Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Verizon Wierdness

Here's the latest bizarre twist in our ongoing quest to get phone and DSL service to our house: when we get a phone call, it also rings at the neighbor's house. Yep. Bo called me on my cell phone the other night, thinking he had the wrong phone number for our land line, because every time he called it our neighbor Lori (Her house is about a quarter-mile east of ours) was answering. So I tried calling it myself, from the cell phone, and sure enough, after 4 rings her son Allen picked up the phone! Our calls ring in both houses. I guess there must really be some wires crossed somewhere.

Cary talked to the neighbors about it, and it's especially wierd since it turns out that they don't even have Verizon phone service. They have Verizon DSL and digital/internet phone service. But, their DSL has been down since last week sometime, so they haven't been getting ANY phone calls... except of course for ours.

Anyhow, Cary called Verizon about the whole crossed lines thing and someone is supposed to come out and fix it tomorrow. In the meantime, if you call us and you get Lori or Allen instead, just say HI and tell them we're sorry for all the trouble!

Oh, and on the DSL front - our service has been turned on, but we couldn't get the connection to work. I was on the phone with tech support for an hour last night going through a million and one trouble-shooting steps, and in the end they decided that the modem they sent us was just defective. So now we're just waiting for the replacement modem to arrive, and hopefully then we will be online from home. fingers crossed!


Meg said...

You're still having Verizon troubles?! We had a long talk (mostly on hold) with them yesterday and I remembered your post from a few weeks ago. :(

We finally moved into our new/old home last week and after 25 minutes on hold Verizon customer service was able to tell us that they do NOT own our phone lines/box..... Course they couldn't tell us who *does* which led to more fun phone calls to confused customer service people. Not that I felt smart calling Qwest and asking "do you own my phone lines?!":P

The crossed-line situation is no doubt something you and your neighbor will be laughing about later (much later perhaps). :) Hopefully it will all be resolved soon.

Anonymous said...

The curtains look really nice. I'm having trouble posting out here.


addie said...

Yes, sadly, we are still having Verizon troubles. Next up, a technician is supposed to come on wednesday and fix everything. I've got my fingers crossed, but I'm not holding my breath...

consider yourself lucky that verizon doesn't own your lines!