Monday, February 05, 2007

Eeek! A Leak!

That's right, we have a leaky pipe fitting just below the Rinnai hot water unit. It started leaking sometime last week (I know it wasn't leaking last weekend) and was discovered on Friday when Steve went out to work on the punch list. The plumber is coming today to fix it. It may be that the temperature of the hot water coming out of the Rinnai has "relaxed" the Pex tubing over the last couple months at the intersection with the brass valve fitting, in which case he'll need to replace the Pex in that area with something metal. It kept up a pretty steady drip over the weekend... The wet area on the sheetrock is from splatter; the drops fall directly onto the elbow in the copper pipe (just above the bucket). I don't think there's been any permanent damage to the sheetrock yet, but we'll have to see once it dries out.

In any case, I'm sure glad that Steve discovered the leak when he did! With the Munchkin running quietly, I don't necessarily go into the mechanical room that often. I hate to think how bad it could have gotten before it was discovered...

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Does this impact your unit?