Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Our first curtains

Tombi asked me if I wanted to go with her to the store on Sunday. She played it all cool but when we got there it turned out that there was an ulterior motive in inviting me to ride along: so I could pick out some curtain rods for the bedrooms as a housewarming gift. Sweet! (Aparently she'd given up on getting Cary to secretly measure the windows so she could buy the hardware for us BEFORE they came to visit.) I selected ones with a cool leafy thing on the end, in a dark bronze finish. And although Cary and I are on a strict budget, well, I simply HAD to get some curtains to put on the new curtain rods! So we headed over to Ross Dress For Less, beat our way through the weekend hoard of canadian discount shoppers, and combed through the pile of curtains. The choices were somewhat limited - for one thing, we needed at least 3 matching pannels to do each bedroom - but I'm really happy with what we found.

Voila: light orange with textural dots for the front bedroom (No, it's not hemmed yet, I just folded the extra under.)
Creamy white with an embroidered floral motif for the back bedroom
I didn't wash or iron them before I took these pictures, so you'll have to excuse the creases and wrinkles. I still need to hem them to length; even if I didn't want to shorten them to fall just below the bottom trim for stylistic reasons, I have to because they are all kinds of irregular lengths, despite what the packages said - I got them at Ross, after all! It sure feels good to have our first curtains up! It makes the house feel kind of grown-up. Plus, no more mooning the whole neighborhood while getting ready for bed. :)

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