Friday, February 09, 2007

O Pantry, how I love thee!

Last night I organized the pantry.* The pantry rocks. The custom wire shelves are so spacious and wonderful, I'm really glad we went ahead and included them in the construction package. Now, we just have to get some more food to fill it out! In preparation for moving I cut back on buying canned, dried, bottles and otherwise shelf-stable foods. But that's all over now! Deals Only, here I come...

In addition to food, we've also put the microwave and all the cookbooks in the pantry. It's great not having the microwave taking up counter space - because not only is our microwave huge, it's also ugly and old. er, I mean vintage. As is the step-stool I use so I can safely reach things on the top shelf. Not that I need it - I'm very adept at knocking things down of high shelves with a long wooden spoon, and then catching them with my other hand. Most of the time.

Panning to the left, standing in the doorway:
aaand turning all the way to the far left end. Which is now housing the liquor & wine selection. Note the "Mad Housewife" label merlot. I'm not sure who gave us that bottle as a housewarming gift, but it's about the best wine label I've ever seen. I hope the wine makes me smile as much as the label does. :)
It sure feels good to have the food stockpile all sorted out. I tried to make cookies a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't find any of the ingredients because everything was just all jumbled up on the shelves together after the move. Now that I can find everything, I'm not sure what I'm going to make. Something good!!

*For those of you who don't know about my dual food-hoarding and organizational neuroses, let me just say that that first sentence is packed with a lot more meaning than it may seem at first glance. Questions have been raised about the possibility that my genome might somehow contain some squirrel or marmot DNA. No-one questions my organizational prowess. Evar.


Poppy said...

*waves at a fellow wooden spoon wacker* I'm barely 5 feet tall and during the day I'm home alone so I've had to learn all kinds of nifty ways to get things off of upper shelves by myself. I'm not a real fan of using step ladders or stools since I fell off one once. I discovered that one of those back scratchers with the curved end is also great for getting things down...the curved end acts as a hook and pulls the item right to the edge. Too often I'd knock things away from me with the spoon. Get one and try it out :)

House is looking lovely by the way. Enjoy~

addie said...

I hear you - I'm five foot one-and-a-half wearing shoes and standing up straight.

A wooden spoon is just one of my many methods of getting things down... I also use spatulas, yardsticks, and whatever else is handy when I need it. Cary's been trying to train me not to climb up on things (especially stacks of things) since I also fall off once in a while. A wooden backscratcher sounds like a great tool, I'll have to pick one up.

mindy said...

I am a food hoarder too; I truly believe it's genetic. When my mother sold her house and moved to an RV, one of the many things she pawned off on me was 32 boxes of Jello. 32! How does one accumulate that much jello? My hoarding food of choice is beans. I must have 20 cans of beans stashed our pantry in preparation for the next blizzard/disaster/bean-bonanza.

Love the wine label :)