Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to hypnotize a toddler

This is how I cut Conan's finger and toenails - we sit down in front of the computer, clippers at the ready, and put on this video. He will then sit completely still and allow me to cut his nails while watchting the screen with rapt attention. As long as I don't actually cause him pain, he doesn't care one whit about what I'm doing with his hands and feet. No trying to get away, no trying to grab the clippers, just pure hypnotized muppet watching. It's perfect!

I think I may use this for his first haircut, too. His bangs are starting to get into his eyes, and the hair on the right side of his head is an inch or so longer than the left side. I'm a little nervous about going at my wiggly little guy with the clippers, but I think the muppets may be just the ticket.

Update: My haircut scheme worked perfectly! I put the highchair in front of the computer, gave him a bath and strapped him in. We played Mahna Mahna through about 6 times, and he barely wiggled at all. I'm not that great a barber, but other than the bangs being a bit too short Conan's first haircut turned out good.


Syd said...

Hahaha, This is perfect. I love it.

Trudel said...

Very smart kid - this is one of the best muppet song!