Thursday, March 04, 2010

Responsible Excitement

I ran in to an old friend a couple of weeks ago, and he asked me "So, done anything exciting lately?" So help me, the first thing that came to mind was that I'd just gotten the brakes done on my car. Woooo yeah! I told him so, and he offered up that the most exciting thing he'd done lately had been his taxes. We had a good laugh about how our definitions of "exciting" have changed since college. Sometimes I'm a little bothered by how boring and domestic my life is these days, but mostly I really enjoy it. And lately I've been on a real tear, taking care of responsibilities big and small, right and left, and thoroughly enjoying it, even if they do stretch the definition of exciting a bit. Here's a partial list of the exciting things I've recently done:

- gotten the heating system and hot water heater serviced
- gotten a fire extinguisher (we didn't have one in the house, yikes!)
- opened a bank account for Conan
- reconfigured & updated our car insurance
- gotten a load of bark & drainrock delivered
- rented the pottery studio to a new crew of potters
- cleaned out Conan's closet & taken a bunch of stuff to consignment
- scheduled long-overdue maintenence on the overhead shop doors
- septic tank is getting pumped today (rock on!)

I do still need to get my taxes done, and about a million other things around the house, but it feels great to get these things taken care of. Now that Conan's bigger, more independant, and (most importantly) not breastfeeding, I suddenly have much more energy and time to catch up on all the exciting tasks required to keep life rolling along. It feels good. :)


Ericson said...

wow want to come take care of some things around here

Addie said...

heh, nope, I've got enough here! Still got to do the taxes, get the garden tilled up, spring clean, and reseal the cork floor. For starters.