Friday, May 22, 2009

Parenting Skillz

Some of the things I can do that I couldn't before:

  • I can sing "Old MacDonald Had A Farm" for more than 30 minutes without repeating any animals or noises. While driving.

  • I can fill a 5 gallon water jug and wrestle it into & out of the shopping cart at the coop with Conan strapped to my chest, without dropping it, squishing Conan, or breaking my back.

  • I can eat ANYTHING with one hand. Or, to put it another way, anything that can't be eaten with one hand just isn't on the menu.

  • I can tell when Conan is sleeping without looking to see if his eyes are closed. Even when I'm not holding him.

  • I can tell the difference between pooping and farting by sound alone, from across the room.

  • I can spot a dropped baby sock or shoe in tall grass at 50 paces.

  • I can open and close the bedroom doors silently. Which isn't easy, we have very clicky doorknobs.

  • I can sit and have a conversation while simultaneously corralling, bouncing, and entertaining a very squirelly baby who is really, really determined to pull my hair.

  • I can rock a rocking chair like nobody's business.

  • I can tell you exactly what time he's woken up at every night for the last week, how long he was up for and how much he ate each time. Ditto pooping. I will TRY not to tell you all this, but sometimes I just can't help myself.

  • I can sleep fully clothed, sitting up, pretty much anywhere, anytime.

  • I can calm Conan when he's crying, I can feed him when he's hungry, and I can put him to sleep when he's tired. Best of all, I can make him smile and laugh, and watch him grow.
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    Aimee said...

    you're a MOM!!!

    We miss you guys...BBQ soon?

    By the way, the "captcha" I have to enter in order to post this comment is, "conander." Apparently they missed the "bar bar" part!