Sunday, May 17, 2009

He slept through the Night!

Conan slept from 9:30pm Saturday night until 5:00 am this morning. It's absolutely amazing how good I feel today. :)
Today we set up his new big crib. He was really getting too large for the co-sleeper, it is 32" long (outside) and he is 27" long. I had to be very careful putting him down in it or else his feet would hit the end. Most mornings we'd wake up to the sound of him thumping against the ends & sides. Our neighbors the McDonnells generously loaned us the crib itself, and yesterday we went to Sears and got a mattress and the linens. It's a very cute set, with appliqued dinosaurs and multicolored stripes. He looks so little in the crib - he used to look huge in the co-sleeper!

Here's hoping he sleeps even better in the crib than he did in the co-sleeper! I'd love more nights like last night. Oh, would I ever...

UPDATE - He woke up only once last night, which is great. This morning he happily played in his crib for quite a while (before breakfast, even) while we got up and got ready for the day. I think he likes it! :)


Ericson said...

super cool, and very cute crib set

Aimee said...