Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meeting People

Uncle Jon, Auntie Nadege, and Cousin Chloe came and visited us for the first time this weekend. It was really fun to have them here. Chloe is only four weeks older than Conan, so us new parents have lots in common right now! Chloe is a much mellower baby than Conan, I was a little jealous. Although Jon says Conan sleeps better than she did at his age, so maybe we're on the right track.

Lots of other family members came out on Saturday to see the double baby action as well. Grandma Joy came over and we realized we had all four of her great-grandchildren together (for the 1st time), so naturally we had to take a lot of pictures. Here are some of my favorite shots, in no particular order:

Chloe (9 weeks) & Conan (5 weeks)
Papa Jon and little Chloe
Cousin Jess and baby Chloe
Conan, Hazel, Hannah and Chloe
Great Grandma Joy with all four of her Great Grandkids
Cousin Heather, baby Chloe, and Grandma Joy
Auntie Dale with Conan and Chloe
On Sunday Grandpa & Grandma Mapes came out for a visit and brought Great Grandma Marjorie to meet Conan for the first time. He's her first great-grandchild, although he's going to have a baby cousin on the Mapes side this spring who will be her second. Sometimes it really feels like it's raining babies around here! So much fun to have both Conan and Chloe together this weekend. I'm really pleased that Conan will have cousins close to his age to grow up with, like I did. :)

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