Monday, January 12, 2009

1 month old!

Time sure has flown by... even though every individual day (and night) seems nearly endless, somehow we've made it through a whole month! Conan is changing and growing fast, he spends more time awake and alert every day, having "wiggle time". He is even starting to smile real, whole-face smiles at us. They sure do melt my heart, even at 4 am after a long restless night. :)

Conan took his first bottle (of breastmilk) the other night, and he loved it. It broke my heart a little to know that he won't be completely reliant on me for every meal anymore, but it also feels very liberating. Of course, I still have to pump...

We've been getting out for longer and longer trips into town, and we're getting the hang of getting him into and out of the car, and how long we can go for before we run out of time on the "baby clock". Later this week we're planning to go all the way to Sedro-Woolley to show him off at my office, so that's something I'm looking forward to.

He's a little over 9 lbs now, and growing out of clothes right and left. It's hard to find things that fit him properly because he's so long - things which are the right size around are often too short. On the plus side, he's big enough now to wear the "small" size cloth diapers I sewed for him (the 2 dozen newborn sized ones he grew out of in the first week, so we've been using disposables).

Unfortunately I only got 6 of those done before he arrived. Things are starting to settle down enough though that I think I will soon be able to snatch some bits of time to sew up a few more. The ones I made with gussets and FOE sure do work well, I'm very pleased with them. The inserts and baby wipes I made are also working great. We also have been using some flat-fold diapers with store-bought covers. I don't like them as well, but at least they get us away from using so many disposables. I find they leak more often and also they don't have any wicking layer, the wetness just sits on his skin, poor baby!

Speaking of which, he's awake again and not happy about something... gotta run!

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