Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Ergo

Thank goodness for the Ergo baby carrier. We got one after Jon, Nadege and Chloe visited, because it seemed to work so well for them. It's wonderful. It's easy to use, comfortable to wear, and best of all, Conan falls asleep (and stays asleep) in it. In fact, as I type this he is sleeping strapped to my my chest in the Ergo. Combined with vigorous bouncing on the yoga ball, it is an irresistable sleep-inducing device. Ahhhh... this is what I like to see! We had tried and tried to get Conan used to the Moby Wrap that we had, but it just never really worked for him - he'd just cry and cry and struggle against it. And it was nowhere near as convenient for us. Not only did it require quite a bit of practice to get it tied on correctly, but on the few occasions we did get him to fall asleep in it there was really no way to get him out without waking him up. With the Ergo we can just sort of lean over until he's laying on the bed, and then sneakily unstrap from it and he doesn't even know he's been put down.

Besides wearing Conan around the house, we've taken him grocery shopping, for walks in the park, and he's even gone on the rope swing with Papa. Not only would I reccomend the Ergo to anyone needing a baby carrier, but I would also advise anyone not happy with their current carier to try some other options. I know several people (and babies) who have loved their Moby Wraps, but it just wasn't right for us. I'm really glad we decided to try the Ergo, instead of giving up on babywearing completely.

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Iris said...

Yea! We love our ergo so much! It has been so useful for so long, we still use it all the time.