Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Double Baby Poker

My Tuesday Night Ladies' Poker group has recently celebrated the birth of not one but two babies! Both little guys were born the last week of September, just days apart. This week for the first time both new moms were back in the game, so we all got to check out the new kiddos.
From left to right: Silas, Charlotte, Annalise, and Hank.

Here's Hank chillin' at his first ever poker game, in Marcy's beautifully painted and super comfy rec room. He didn't seem too impressed by the game, but I'm sure he was actually watching closely so that when we DO deal him in (in a few years), he'll be able to read us like books. Silas wasn't so into hanging out with the poker ladies, so he went and played PS3 with his papa instead. :)
Left to Right: Marcy (Silas' mom), Iris (Hank's mom), and Jeny.


Keeley said...

Yay! Glad to see little Hank finally arrived!

That some good looking rose hip jelly too!

Iris said...

hank's gonna be mama's little card shark and can't wait for more snack crack!