Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rope Swing

Sunday Cary, Bo & Nick (and Moira) put up our first rope swing, in a fine cascadian spring drizzle. They selected one of our larger aspen trees behind the shop for this honor. Cary harnessed up and climbed the tree like a monkey, pulling the rope up behind him.
Once he tied off the rope to a stout branch near the top, Cary climbed back down the rope limbing the aspen until he got back to the ground. Nick & Bo cleared some brush and cut away some smaller trees around the base.

Watch out below!
Unfortunatly, this is the best picture I got of the finished swing in action. Stupid rain drops on the lense! For the time being, since the ground is relatively flat around the swing tree, the best swing comes from jumping out of the crook in this smaller aspen. Eventually, a platform will probably be built for easier accessability.
While this isn't nearly as epic as the old Farm rope swing, or as crazy as Dan & Kriss', it's still exciting that we have a rope swing again. Its just one of those things that makes life better. :)


Gabe said...

OMFG. I am so there.

Ted J McGuire said...

I'm glad to see you guys are doing so well and hard at work there on the homestead. It looks great. I wanted to ask how you were, but your blog kind of answered that for me. Thanks for the comment, by the way. My blog actually sucks right now, but I plan on doing some serious improvments very soon. I will be posting every weekend. Tell Mr. Cary I said I miss him and I miss you too, damnit. We should do a link swap, if your into it, although I'm not building a house. Completlty unrelated. At the same time, we should try harder to keep up. You kids seem happy, and deserve it more than anyone. Take care and know Jill and I are thinking about you, between Mai Thai's, the beach, sex and drugs...for course. Take care and hit me up and let me know how you are when you have the time. xxxxoooo, Ted

addie said...

Dude! So glad you stopped by, good to hear from you directly! Cary says Hi too, and give our love to Jill.

Oh, and the link swap is ON. You might not be building a house, but you are building a whole new life in a faraway country.

Anyway, I look forward to reading more about your adventures. In the meantime, have some extra sex & drugs for us. :)

Photohawk said...

Sex, drugs, rope swings, it's official, you have the best blog that I read.

addie said...

Aw, thanks! I'm very flattered. But you just might be using the internet wrong, if this is where you go for sex & drugs. For rope swings, however, this is the place. :)