Monday, April 30, 2007

Cedar Tree Planting

On Saturday, Cary's folks and Jack Flannigan came out for an evening visit, and brought us this big (6'), beautiful bare-root cedar tree to add to our plantings. So on Sunday, we planted it on the nature trail into the swamp that Miriam started a couple weeks back. We extended the trail a little further, to a small clearing on a little hill - really a nice spot for a little cedar to grow up. Cary dug a hole and we brought in a wheelbarrow load of compost to give it a good start...
We watered it well, and Cary staked it up. It should do well in this spot, I think.
Someday, when it has grown up into a big tree, maybe it can be the anchor to one end of the zipline. :)


Aimee said...

Zipline! Who knows, I might even be crazy enough to endeavor that! Especially if it had a harness on it (the kind that you "sit" in).

By the way, you're officially linked on my blog!

addie said...

Yeah, that's the kind for me too.

And I linked you back!