Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Shelves for Organizing Stuff

I put up shelves in the closet under the stairs. I'm pretty happy about it, too. Not only does this mean that I can cross something off the To-Do List (yay!) but I did it all by myself. It might come as a surprise, since I've just managed to get a whole house built, but I really have very little experience actually building things myself. Mostly, my talents seem to lie in instructing* and organizing other people to actually use the tools and build things. I guess putting up some shelving brackets doesn't exactly count as building anything, but I DID use several tools. And it turned out pretty good! The shelves are kind of bare at the moment, but I am sure they will fill up with time.

I even put up a hanging rack thingie to keep the broom & dust mop from falling all over the place. I'm really looking forward to being able to find the hammer, a light bulb, or the WD-40 quickly the next time I need one of them. :)

*OK, I'm just bossy. I can admit it.

1 comment:

Mrs.Lewis said...

I really like the shelving!! It looks like it was simple to put up but serves a great purpose! :)