Tuesday, May 15, 2007


A week or so ago, when the Ericsons were up visiting, we heard a loud "CRACK!" come from the kitchen. The source was not immediately apparent... no-one was in the kitchen at the time, no cats looked guilty, and the pasta was still simmering along merrily on the stove. The next morning when we were making breakfast we discovered that the glass cook-top of the kitchen stove had cracked. It ran all the way from the left front burner (which is where the pasta had been cooking) to the opening for the exhaust vent. Apparently, thermal shock occasionally proves to be too much for these cook tops, which surprised me. We called Mark & he called DeWaard & Bode (our local appliance dealer) and their guy came out right away, took a look, and ordered us a new stove top. It's so nice to still be under warranty.

Anyway, the new cook top is being installed today. The crack didn't really impede our cooking or use of the stove in any way, but it'll still be nice to have everything back in good condition.

I realize I've been slacking on the blogging lately, but I promise to do better! I guess there are just only so many blog entries a person can do about cutting grass & shovelling gravel. But... This weekend Dad is coming over and we'll be burning the big pile and starting on the grading of the lawn area, so look for some exciting (ok, maybe not that exciting...) pictures of that on sunday or monday.

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