Sunday, May 20, 2007

Burning, Mowing & Grading

Yesterday my Dad came over with his tractor, numerous implements (mower, tiller, rake, harrow, roller) and of course, his dump truck. We also rented an excavator locally. Cary's Dad and his friend Jack also came out, and between the four of them they really did a lot of work! (I was away at my annual office retreat/meeting. Talk about good timing!)

Here's Dad hooking the mower up to the tractor. You can see several of the other implements in the background. It's so wonderful to have access to all these things, AND to someone who knows how to use them all. :)
Cary mowed while Dad worked the excavator. Notice how far reduced the burn pile is! That was a big priority for the day's efforts, and it is great to have finally gotten rid of that giant eyesore.
In preparation for building the wedding pergola, we cleared a few more trees at one edge of the yard. Jack got in on some tree-falling, and his 45 degree angle-cut technique proved to work quite well. After the trees had been cut, Dad got in with the excavator and pulled out their stumps, as well as this giant old stump from somebody else's past logging efforts. The trees and stumps went straight on the fire, of course. :)
All in all, it was a very sucessful day. With the fire stacked up again with all the new material, the guys all headed inside for beers and bbq salmon, richly deserved!
Tomorrow I'll get the pictures from today's further accomplishments (and freakish monsoon rains) up...