Sunday, January 30, 2011

No More Bottles

It has now been two weeks since we "gave away" all our bottles. Gabe & "tiny tiny baby" Morgan were here for the weekend. We told Conan that since he was a big boy, we should give all his bottles to baby Morgan, because she needed them more. We mentioned it several times during the weekend, and then I let him see me put all the nipples, screw bands, inserts, tubes, lids, etc. into a bag, and take them out to the car. Of course, instead of actually going to Olympia with "tiny tiny baby" Morgan (who at 18 months old is really a big girl herself), the bottles actually went to the local consignment shop.

Conan was a little bit upset the first night, and has told us a few times that "miss mine bottle" but overall it has been a very smooth transition. He still has a cup of milk before bed, but he drinks it downstairs and then brushes his teeth before getting in his jammies and reading books. The only change in his sleeping habits we've noticed is that he is suddenly fascinated with sleeping on the floor, instead of in his bed, especially for naptime. Kind of strange, but no problem - we've got a small pile of blankets laid out on the floor for that. Probably just means it's time to get this big boy a real big boy bed!


Linda Sue said...

Erik had bottles until he decided that they just didn't do well with beer...Had a first birthday party for his friend Josh when he turned 16- never had a birthday party before- The "kids" were delighted to have Baileys in bottles- very soothing- we still like nipples.
I remember being pressured when he was little- hurry up and grow, stay on track, comparing with the advancement of other kids- it's all bullshit, Addy.Take it easy- take it slow and if you buy him another bottle with a super hero on it that is just fine.

Janet said...

LS- Hook me up with a bottle of Bailey's! You give good advice.

Anonymous said...

Love the Hello Kitty bandaid :)

Trudel said...

Yup - get that boy a big boy bed to go with his big boy haircut! Glad to hear the transition was smooth :)