Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Holidaze 2010

Whew, we have had a fun time the last couple of weeks. I took the week off between Christmas and New Years so we had lots of time to do fun stuff.

We started with a trip to Plain and had a great Christmas with Grandma Debbie, Poppy, GG Joy, Jon, Nadege and Chloe. My mom got both the kids and herself matching striped Christmas jammies which made for great pictures, and both the kids got beautiful wooden rocking horses as well as lots of other fun stuff. There was lots of snow in Plain and we had a great time building a snow horsie (which Conan even got to ride) and a snow man in the yard.

We came home on the 28th and settled in for a couple of nice, mostly quiet days around home. We had the Pazo clan over for dinner, went Bowling with a large group of friends (Conan's first time!), had the Davis family over for a slumber party, and helped Great Grandma Marjorie celebrate her 91st birthday before heading down to the Ericson's for New Year's Eve. We had a great time, as always - eating, drinking, playing games - all the good stuff to start 2011 off right. I can hardly believe it is actually 2011, but there it is. There's just no stopping time!

All this on top of one of the most momentous of parental milestones: Conan's first big-boy haircut. I'll sure miss those baby curls, but it was time. He's still extraordinarily cute, but it's different now...

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