Thursday, June 24, 2010


Conan likes them! These plants were pretty useless (according to him) until recently, when they started having yummy berries on them. Now he checks the berry patch every day when we get home.
He ate about a dozen green berries (well, nibbled them, anyhow) before he got the idea that the red ones are the ripe ones. Yummy!

We have the berry patch well covered with bird netting that attaches to the sides of the raised bed which helps keep Conan from eating all the red berries and then starting on the green ones. :)


Anonymous said...

yum yum...I just got to eat my first strawberry from my patch the other day. Pretty much the only thing growing well in my garden this year :)

Addie said...

Yeah, it hasn't been a great year for my garden either. The peas are doing great but everything else would really like some warmer weather.