Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Words

Conan's vocabulary has suddenly expanded again. It's really interesting to me to see what words he picks up, because it's a window into what he sees as important and neecessary to communicate. His new words include the following:

Jus (juice - this is a big favorite)
Bouh (book - another favorite thing)
Bampah (Grandpa Dave)
Wower (flower)
More (now spoken along with the hand sign)
Tancoo (Thank you)
Moo (moon - this one surprised me. If you ask him where it is, he'll point to the sky. It's very cute.)

He also knows the names of several cats, both at home and at friends' houses. And when he wants milk, he points to the fridge and says "Muh!" which is not exactly a word but it is a start...

We actually had our first verbal argument the other day. He wanted juice, but he'd already had enough in my opinion (and mama's opinion is pretty much law). So I offered him a cup of water. Our exchange went like this:

C: Jus?
M: Water.
C: Jus!
M: Water.
C: Juuuusss?
M: Water.
C: Jus.
M: Water.
C: Jus?
M: Water.
C: Jus!

Then he went and asked Papa, who also gave him a cup of water. Foiled again!


Trudel said...

Two word argument - I love it! I see the word 'no' has finally made an appearance, bet you were beginning to worry ;)

Addie said...

Yeah, he's getting pretty good at saying "no" now. We're starting to see the classic toddler pattern of saying "no" to everything, even when he really means yes. It's still cute, but I'm sure it will get old pretty fast!