Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Visiting Great Grandma Joy

Conan is completely recovered from his illness, so last night we went to visit Conan's Great Grandma Joy. He just loves her, they have a great bond, and I know she really missed seeing him on Easter. They had a lot of fun exploring the yard, looking at the flowers, picking up rocks, and watching birds.

I believe this was Conan's first introduction to dandelion seed poofs. We haven't had any go to seed in our yard because somebody picks all the pretty yellow flowers he sees. :) GG showed him how to blow the seeds off and he loved it.

Conan really liked the flowers. He called the tulips "ball" and had to touch each one. He was actually surprisingly gentle and didn't pick or squish any of them.

GG Joy tried to help him smell the flowers, but he wanted something a little more concrete so he tasted them instead.

My mom arrived when we were about finished playing in the yard, so we all went inside and enjoyed a wonderful dinner. It was a lovely evening, a nice make-up for having missed Easter. It's so nice to have Conan back to his cheerful healthy energetic self!

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Trudel said...

Beautiful photos! Springtime and babies - can't beat that combo