Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Expectations

I was excited to go out to Grandma Joy's for Easter with the family this year. I could see it all in my minds eye: how much fun Conan would have hunting for eggs with his cousins, how cute and charming he would be, the great pictures I would take - it was going to be so much fun. But alas, we woke up to a feverish, fussy, all-around sick baby. It took me a while to give up on my expectations and admit to myself that he was just too sick to go anywhere. We got him all dressed and then put him down for a nap, delaying the decision about weather to go until after he woke up. I really hoped that he'd feel better after his nap, but it wasn't to be.

After a bit of thought, we decided that I should still go out to the family dinner while Conan stayed home with Papa. It was a hard choice for me. I really wanted to go; it's not often that all my cousins converge. But on the other hand, it was really hard to leave my sick baby. I'm glad I did go, at least for a short while. Even without Conan there, it was fun to watch the other kids hunt for eggs, and I still managed to take a few good pictures. Below are some of my favorite images from the day.
Odessa gets some help with collecting her eggs.

Chloe explores the flower bed with help from her mom and dad.

Chloe really got into finding eggs. She's quite the little go-getter!

Dale enjoys a moment with Odessa; Odessa enjoys eating Dale's necklace.

Mom and Grandma Joy watch the egg hunt, cameras at the ready!

I brought home a few plastic eggs and we have been practicing playing egg hunt in the house with them. Next year Conan's going to find all the eggs!

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