Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where's the Bellybutton?

Conan getting really good at pointing to parts of the body when asked. It's a fun game and it's amazing how fast he is picking up more anatomy. It wasn't very long ago when his nose (or mine) was the only thing he could pick out. Now he knows nose, mouth, teeth, eye, hair, head, ear, feet, hands, and of course, belly button.

He's also gotten really good at recognizing and finding characters in his books. I brought home some library books (they have board books at the library!) one of which was called "Find the Kitten". As you can probably guess, on each page there is a small grey and white kitten, hiding - behind a flower pot, under a leaf, in a tree. Conan loves it. He can find the kitten so fast now that there's no time to read the accompanying text before the pages are turned.

He's also found a small white mouse which is on every page of "That's not my monster!" He no longer has any interest in touching the rough horns, fuzzy ears, or bumpy paws on any of the monsters; now we race through the book as fast as a little index finger can thud onto the white mouse.

These patterns are everywhere - there's the heart on every page in "Little Mouse's Valentine", the rainbow fish in "Rainbow Fish Counting", the ladybug in "Sing a Song of Summer." It's really awe inspiring to watch Conan discover them. He's an enthusiastic little learner, and a smart little guy.

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Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2 ... Now 3) said...

What a beautiful photo. Found you through offbeat moms.

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