Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bathing Cuties

Last weekend we had a spontaneous gathering of friends both young and old at our place. After spending some time playing out in the yard getting dirty, Moira, Kiah and Conan really enjoyed splashing in the big clawfoot tub together. It's so nice now that Conan is getting old enought to really play with other kids, he and Kiah especially have a lot of fun together.

You may remember that Conan hated baths when he was very young, but now he loves them. He still mostly takes showers these days, so baths are a special treat. Even with showers though, he often wants to go get back in with his papa after I get him dried off and dressed in his pjs. Splashing in the water is just SO much fun, indoors or out. He's even figured out how to get enough water out of his sippy cup to make a splashable puddle, which is not so great for our floor but still really cute.


Nicole H said...

Hi Aunt Addie! This is Andy's youngest daughter, nicole. Daddy just made me a new blog! Check it out at! i thought it was so cool that you have a blog so i wanted one too. It's awesome! The Bathing Cuties picture is adorable!

Katherine at Keep Smiling said...

Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog after searching for "cleaning clawfoot tub" so imagine my surprise to see that not only did we paint the outside of our leg tubs the same color but also, your son and my husband share a name - Conan. My husband has never met another Conan so I'll have to share this with him. Love the blog, btw. We may try the enamel refinishing someday as our tub is in desperate need. Take care!