Friday, July 31, 2009

A Stand-Up Guy

Conan has really gotten good at pulling himself up to standing in the last week. Of course, once you know how to stand up, nothing else satisfies. Now he wants to walk! He can already cruise along the couch, and go from the couch to the coffee table and back again as well.

As you can see from the last segment in the video, he has also made an attempt at climbing the stairs. I have actually never seen him pay any attention to the stairs before tonight. However, as soon as I picked up the camera he gave an excited hoot and headed straight for them. It was as if he'd been waiting to give the stairs a try until I was ready with the camera! He went up them like a pro, but I swear it was his first time. Right after I clicked off the camera and got him down off of there I put up the baby gate, so it will be his last time on the stairs (for a while) too.

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Ericson said...

ahhh ma you're no fun