Thursday, June 04, 2009

First Strawberry

I just ate the first ripe strawberry from our berry patch. I probably should have left it until tomorrow, but it was worth it. MMMM! Looks like it's going to be a good crop this year too. They are loving this heat we've been having, I've been giving them water every day and the berries are large and plentiful.

I was getting excited about giving Conan his first taste of strawberry, but then I found out that strawberries are one of the foods you aren't supposed to give babies under 1 year old. They could have a bad allergic reaction. No raspberries or blackberries either! Luckily blueberries are OK so he wont have to wait a whole year for his first berry tasting.

We haven't actually started him on solid food yet, we are waiting until he's six months old. But that isn't very far away now (just about a week! Wow.) and I'm getting really excited. I think he's going to really like food. It would probably be fine to go a little early, but it makes it feel a little more special to wait until his half-year-birthday. I haven't decided yet what to start with - rice cereal, or something more exciting like avocado or yam, both of which are supposed to be good first foods.

I've been spending some time reading about how to make & freeze simple baby foods, and I think it's going to be really fun. I can hardly wait for the peas and carrots in the garden to be ready to harvest so I can cook them and mash them, and then have them smeared all over the place and maybe - maybe - get some in his mouth. :)


Ericson said...

How exciting, allthough more of it will be on Conan than in him. I recommend one of those hand blenders. We used a food mill for Moira and it was slow going. The hand blender cranks out the baby puree.

Anonymous said...

and to think...when I was a baby, my parents thought the raspberry cheeks from eating berries was cute-lol

Addie said...

I know, mine too! My aunt was saying the same thing the other day - they fed us (me & my cousins) all kinds of things that NOW aren't considered good for babies, and we all turned out fine. I guess it's not a very common allergy, but it could be bad - and now that I know about it I'm not comfortable taking the risk. More than likely he's not allergic to strawberries (or anything else) but...

I guess it's good to know all these things but sometimes I think a little ignorance would be nice!