Sunday, April 05, 2009

Triple Cute

Guess who discovered his feet? Toes are chewy.
We got a battery-powered swing for $25 off craigslist. It's "big kid" swing - he loves to sit upright in it. He is DONE with the baby swing that we had borrowed from Brian & Abby, which he used to love - but he does not want to lay down in a cradle anymore! It's amazing how much he's grown & changed in just a few months...

So much playing can really wear a baby out though. Time for a ride in the mobile bed, aka the stroller. :)
Oh, and notice the bibs? The faucet is ON. When he's not drooling, he's blowing spit bubbles and raspberries. It's pretty cute, he bubbles when he's happy.


Ericson said...

very cute

Anonymous said... cute!