Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jump Baby Jump!

Conan is big enough now to enjoy going in the doorway jumper. I have to pad it out with blankets to keep his skinny little self centered in it, but once he's situated he loves it. He doesn't exactly jump yet, but he is all about being held upright and seeing what happens when he throws his weight around. That goes for being held in my arms, too. He's a physically precocious kid: he rolled over from his back to his front for the first time this week. He hasn't repeated that feat yet, but I've seen him working on it so I'm sure he'll soon be doing it all the time. Which is exciting but also means we have to be much more watchfull when he's on the changing table, or playing with his baby gym. He's on the move!

He's also gaining weight better, we had a checkup this week and he's up to 12 lbs. 13oz. He's taking larger and larger feedings, and spacing them out a bit more too. Hopefully this will lead to increased sleep at night. He pretty regularly only wakes up twice per night now, but occasionally we still have 3 or 4 waking nights, which really kill mama & papa. Combined with the fact that Conan seems to firmly beleive that the day starts at 5 am (weekends? what are weekends?), we're feeling pretty sleep deprived. Everyone says that at three months is when babies start sleeping, so we're really hoping to get some better sleep soon. Please!


Ericson said...

hmmm . . . both our kids started sleeping between 6 and 10 months, with Kiah being the hold out. Glad Conan is enjoying the jumper. Luckily you have doorways in your living room, we never really had anywhere to hang the thing.

Addie said...

Well that's better than the Ninneman's kids - Jeff told Cary that it was three years before their boys started sleeping well. Aaaaahhh!

And Thanks again for the jumper. :)