Saturday, June 21, 2008

Starting to Show

This is exciting! I'm almost 16 weeks and really starting to show. Cynthia and I went maternity-clothes shopping this morning, so now I have pants and pajamas that fit again. We also made belly butter, it smells and feels really good. I've read that genetics determine whether you'll get stretch marks or not, but I figure it can't hurt to put on lotion anyhow.


Ericson said...

Get ready for the day you have to say goodbye to your feet as they slowly disapear beneath the belly. I recommend a couple of comfy slip on shoes.

Keeley said... bumps on folks I actually care about...not that Hollywood teen pregnancies aren't important too...

So, I have four pregnant friends right now, but soon to be three when Andrea has Abbey any day now! Barb is further along that both you and Cynthia, but only by a few weeks. Gotta start getting crafty for all the fall babies!

Laura said...

cute belly!