Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mmmm - Radishes

I am a new convert to radishes. I didn't like them (or so I thought) but I think that was probably an opinion held over from when I was about 7, which may be the last time I actually tried them. I have two kinds in the garden this year, and I think I will find a place for them in my vegetable garden from now on. Not only are they yummy and refreshing to snack on, but they are as close to instant gratification as you can get in a vegetable - ready to eat in just three weeks, from seed! Also, they are so cute, I just can't help but smile at them before I bite into them. :)

These are "Cherry Belle" radishes which were part of the wedding favor seed packets which we put together last summer. We have about 20 or so left over packets so I scattered the seeds from 4 of them in one of the garden beds (see my May 17th post). The radishes came up the best of all, there are a few sunflowers, chard and spinach seedlings but mostly it's radishes. I think I'll scatter another few packets in the same bed in another week or so, so I can keep having young radishes to harvest.

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Keeley said...

Radishes are instant gratification for the gardener- super easy, and get some green going early on. The variety i've been growing are rather large, and i've found that slicing them longways and throwing them on the grill is great! The get meaty- like a potato, with a unique taste. And grilling takes all the bitterness out of them too!

BTW- i've got tomatoes, peppers and eggplants for you!