Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Sunshine

It's an absolutely beautiful day. I worked outside in the garden all morning until I wore myself out, so I decided after lunch I'd take some pictures instead of working . :) Of course, now I'm tired again... might be time for a nap in the hammock!

The biggest project this morning was building a bean tipi. I cut down and limbed 8 saplings, wired them together at the top, and pressed the bottoms into the dirt several inches. I planted "black seeded yard-long" pole beans on the tipi. I've never grown this variety before, but somehow I ended up with a seed packet, probably picked it up for free at a trade show. Next to the tipi are a couple rows of bush yellow wax beans as well. It feels good to have my beans in, finally!

In the backgound behing the bean tipi, you can see some of the greens and chard I planted earlier. They are doing extremely well, after all the rain we've had they are loving the sunshine. The Pak Choi is especially lovely:

I also planted the center bed with several of the wedding favor seed packets that we had left over. I put the wedding plaque that my cousin Heather and her family gave to us in the middle of the bed. Aw.

The gooseberries are doing great, as you can see below. They are covered in tiny (difficult to photograph!) green berries, and have lots of new growth. The tasty and underappreciated berries appear to be a real winner in our yard, we'll have to put in a few more plants.

Lest this all seem a little too idyllic, Sanford brought home a young bunny for his lunch. This is the second one (that I know of) so far this spring. He's quite proud of his hunting prowess and seems to enjoy showing off his kills, so naturally he decided to eat this one under the picnic table.
I'm just glad he kept it outside.


Keeley said...

Beautiful! I love all your ideas to liven up the garden- it really personalizes it too. Maybe this year I will add more than just my prayer flags. I'm only doing bush beans, but I really like the teepee you made. A friend of mine made one several years ago that is just big enough to sit under- very cool when it's covered in bean stalks- but best hers was a little small and best suited for a kid.

I'm sooo glad that you were able to give my extra starts a home. I always seem to start too much stuff- I just can't help myself. I transplanted the tomatoes, etc into one gal pots this weekend, so you can have those anytime, or leave them here to mature a little longer under the lights.

I'll probably have to forgo the offer of salad greens (should have more than enough myself), but I'd love to relieve you of some berries , esp some gooseberries...they look great!!!

Thanks Addie- you're a fellow gardener's inspiration!

Dan said...

Charlie brought home his first bunny a few days ago, only it was mortally wounded but not dead yet so I had to kill it for him. Don't you just love cats.