Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Entertainment Center

As part of the preparation for the baby, we decided to move the TV into the living room. (The TV room will become the baby's room.) But since we'd both hate to just have the TV staring at us all the time, we decided we should get an entertainment cabinet with doors that would cover the TV when it was not in use. So a couple weeks ago I started hunting for such a thing on Bellingham's Craigslist. At first I was pretty disappointed with the selection, almost everything available was that really generic oak-with-brass-trim style, which I really don't like. I also didn't want anything with glass doors - the whole point is to HIDE what's inside, right? But after just a short time looking I found one that I really liked. We are now the owners of this well made, sturdy, walnut entertainment center: It was made by Morewood & Yager which is a small southwestern furniture manufacturer in Tucson, AZ. Actually, from their website it looks like the store is in Tucson; they make their furniture in Mexico, but it's their own factory and very nicely crafted. It's a pretty impressive peice of furniture, and it's in sweet condition. We paid $250 for it, which was a little more than I had intended to spend on an entertainment cupboard, but considering the regular price for the same unit on the manufacturer's site is over $2000 I think we got a great deal.

As you can see from the picture it's pretty large, it fits on this wall but just barely. I'm giving it a little time in this spot to see if I get used to it there, but I'm thinking it may need to go in the corner where the turtle's tank is now. Which of course would then mean moving the tank, couch, the table, and so on... whew. Eventually we'll get it all settled and then move the TV, etc. into its new home. Once that is done I can start turning the upstairs room into a nursery - I can't wait!


Kriss said...

Wow, I love it! And it's got wheels which always come in handy with something so large :) Have you hidden in it yet?

Keeley said...

I love Craigslist...Awesome find!