Sunday, April 06, 2008

Rototilling Success!

We have a garden! We rented a large rear-tine tiller from Hardware Sales and really did it up nicely. Before we started tilling, we covered the native clay with 3-4 inches of 3-way (topsoil, sand & compost) blend - about 40 wheelbarrow loads raked out. It took 6 passes over the garden with the tiller to integrate the 3-way with our heavy, wet clay. It was slow going at first, we had to stop and dig out a lot of woody debris, rocks, and concrete chunks. After 6 times over it with the tiller, things were looking pretty good - plants would grow in it - but it was still really heavy. So we decided to put on annother layer of 3-way.
We only did 25 wheelbarrow loads (5 x 5) this time before we started tilling again.

After raking out the second layer of 3-way, we rototilled 3 more times. The soil is so much lighter than the clay we started with, though still fairly wet. It looks amazing!

I can't wait to plant. I don't think it's too early for peas and spinach, maybe some lettuces. Hopefully next weekend, if the weather is nice, we can get some in the ground!


Andy said...

Looks great guys! Hey Addie, talk your mom into starting a blog of their place - I haven't seen it in YEARS!

Addie said...

Heh. I'm not sure mom's computer skills are quite up to blogging... maybe someday, after she masters commenting! :)