Saturday, April 05, 2008

Poker Party

Last night we had a couple dozen friends over and played poker (Texas Hold'em) until the wee hours. It was super fun, everything came together just right - the people, the timing, the snacks & beverages, the chairs & tables. We had three tables going, two smaller ones playing for change and one larger 10 person "tournament-style" game with a $10 buy-in played with chips.
It took a little while to get set up and find enough chairs for everyone, but we got everyone playing by 9 pm. The weak were quickly eliminated from the tournament table, and then Charlotte, Brian, and Paul battled it out for the top spot (and the pot) for hours. Paul was eliminated about 12:30 and Charlotte & Brian traded chips until Charlotte finally took it all about an hour later. As the runner-up, Brian got his stake back, so Charlotte went home with $90 in her pocket!

The change tables had an open buy-in, so folks could play for a while, then take a break and come back, or those of us eliminated early from the tournament table could sit down and play. Fun and friendly, but those quarters, dimes & nickels sure can add up if you're winning (or losing)! This was an especially fun draw:

Would you believe that the river* was a 10? The man with the 9 in his hand took the pot. :)

Hank and Silas were on hand to provide baby cuteness all night. Both little guys enjoyed being passed around from person to person and got tons of attention. They are around 6 months old now, and were so good, no fussing or crying at all! Here Hank enjoys a card box, the way only a baby can:

Thanks to everyone who came out & played, we'll definately do this again sometime soon, if only so I can win back some of my money! :)

*The fifth card dealt on the table is called the river. I have no idea why.


Ericson said...

ahhh . . good job on adding the cutte baby shot. Charlottes becoming quite the card shark.

Addie said...

Yeah, she's been playing with Will's crew and down at the Waterfront tavern as well as our Tuesday night game. My money isn't safe when she's at the table!

Keeley said...

Sorry I missed it! I'm swamped in the in middle of another round of training Stewards and passed out the moment I walked in the door at 9pm Friday night. Looks like it was a blast! I'll start saving nickels and dimes for the next one!

Kriss said...

It was a blast Addie...sorry we had to take off before the big show down between Charlotte & Brian. I probably would have lasted longer staying away from the pro table :) Thanks again!

Andy said...

Looks like loads of fun! We just went to a Bunco party - ever been to one of those? We are thinking of having a Bunco party sometime soon.