Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Recycling Rocks

This past weekend Bo disassembled most of the "practice space" from inside our shop. Kevin built this 15 x 15 soundproof room a few years back so that his band (two drum kits!) could play music without disturbing the whole north county. It worked, too! But eventually Kevin moved to seattle, and the "lease" on the space transfered to Aimee's band Juicebox, untill Juicebox stopped practicing regularly about a year ago. Since then the room has stood sad & quiet & empty, just taking up space in the shop.

Last Thursday I was chatting with Bo about his current project, replacing a water damaged wall & floor in the upstairs of the Ranch. He mentioned needing additional lumber & materials, and of course the budget for such things is limited. I half-jokingly suggested that he could take apart the practice space and help himself to the materials contained therein, and much to my surprise he thought that sounded great - enough so that when I came home from work on Friday he had already taken the exterior sheeting and the insulation off of the walls. Perfect!

Not only am I thrilled to reclaim the space the room was taking up (and all without me lifting a finger), I'm especially excited that all of these materials are going to be reused - the insulation, the sheetrock, the lumber, and even the screws! Kevin purchased many of the materials from the ReStore when he first built the structure, so a lot of these items are actually going on their third use. This makes me very proud. :)

By the end of the day, only the floor of the room remained intact. It'll take a couple of trips for Bo to haul all the rest of the materials over to the Ranch, and then probably a run to the dump with the carpet & scraps too small or mangled to reuse. But just look at all that extra space! A couple of days of work and we might just (finally!) get the shop cleaned & organized to where we can tackle some new projects... or even finish some of the old ones!


knitbot said...

Hey! I sold all that junk to Kevin in the first place! I'm glad you guys are using it again.

Gabe said...

Whatever Bo builds with that stuff will inherit the taint of experimental noise and hedonistic excess.

May it live forever!

addie said...

He's rebuilding the upstairs of Will's place: I think it'll be more of a mingling of complimentary evils than anything else. :)