Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eclipse Tonight

From about 7 to 8 pm tonight (pacific time) there's going to be a lunar eclipse! Luckily, this morning's rain clouds have broken up and it looks like the sky will be clear. Woo! Don't miss it - we won't see another one until the winter solstice of 2010!

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Keeley said...

All I could think was - 'man, that must have really freaked people out 5000 years ago'. Pretty fascinating, although the clouds didn't cooperate the whole time.

addie said...

I had the same thought. Being able to accurately predict eclipses (eclipsese? eclipsii?) is strong majik!

Kriss said...

Thanks for the heads up Addie...we had a great view and would have missed it if it weren't for you :)