Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Slab Poured!

Yesterday, as promised, the slab was poured. The foundation is now finished! I'm no expert, but it looks pretty good to me. It's nice and smooth inside the house, and the porch has a nice swept finish and a subtle gradient sloping away from the house. The porch also has sidewalk-style grooves which "cut" it into squares, which looks nice and controls cracking. The fixtures for the plumbing and the radiant heat all seem to have behaved well, no floating or tilting at all.

We had an impromptu slab cristening (we poured beer on it) last night, as the ladies from Juicebox showed up while we were showing Nick & Brad around the site.

Left to Right: Nick, Brad, Cary, Iris, Tricia, Aimee, me.

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