Thursday, July 27, 2006

Framing Day 2

Plywood sheeting is up on almost all the first floor exterior, and the ceiling/second-floor-floor is also done. It's really looking like a house! Here's the view from the NE:

View from the SW:

Bo checks out the interior (he's in the kitchen):
Cary & Bo take in the view out over the top of the hardhack (Spiraea douglasii). From the ground this plant forms an impenetrable thicket about 8 ft high, but from above it is surprisingly beautiful, with its pink flower spikes scattered across the marsh. Turns out there's no view of Mt. Baker, but that's ok. It was a slim chance and we knew it. The views of the fields, trees and marsh are beautiful in their own right.

Today they will be building the stairs and framing the upstairs walls. I'll have more pictures for you tomorrow!

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