Friday, June 30, 2006

Foundation Drains & Insulation

Foundation insulation and drainage pipes installed in preparation for today's back-fill and delivery of the pea gravel. The foundation drains are really nicely designed. The black flexible 4" pipe is pretty standard stuff, but I was impressed by the white PVC drains installed to receive water from the downspouts. They are all nicely sloped and tie into the foundation drains at the SE corner of the house, from which a drainpipe will run the water back into a low spot about 30' away. I was lucky enough to get to the site before the guys had finished laying the fabric over the drainpipe, so Steven showed me the system. Looks like the foundation should stay nice and dry.

View to the SE, you can see where the drains all come together and turn away from the house.

The openings in the uprights are all capped with duct tape to keep dirt & gravel out during the backfill and further construction.

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