Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Fruit Festival 2011

Sunday we went out to Cloud Mountain Farms' fall fruit festival, and it was a blast.  Conan got to eat an ice cream cone, put an apple through a cider press, paint a flowerpot, and pick a pumpkin - in that order.  We also brought home some delicious apples (Karmijn de Sonneville - a variety that's been on the top of my planting wish list for quite some time) and a bunch of nice squash and potatoes.

We also did a bit of dancing.  Conan was very eager to dance, and insistent that I join him, although he's a much better dancer than I am.

By which I mean I can't believe how silly I look. I'm pretty sure I was MUCH more rhythmic and graceful in real life.  But hey, I may look like a total dork, but I look like a total dork dancing with the cutest little dancer anywhere.  And we were having a great time.


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