Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Conan

Conan turned 2 on Sunday Dec 12th, and we had a BIG party on Saturday with 43 (!) guests ranging in age from 3 months to 90. Everyone had a great time; all the kids played well together, there were no big tantrums, no-one got sick or hurt, and nothing was broken - pretty amazing considering how many young children we had in the house for 4 hours! It really was a blast - THE party of the year.

There were Cupcakes:

And lots of balloons

And friends of all ages, from near and far

And Grandmas and Grandpas and Great Grandmas too, of course

And lots of new books to read

And a big red wagon filled with toys

And a bright red tricycle for our big boy!

(Cousin Chloe liked Red Trike a lot too)

And we even have some video:

Happy Birthday Conan! We love you very much.

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Linda Sue said...

Oh My Goodness Addie- you are the party Queen Momma! I enjoyed these photos so much- seeing your Mom and Joy and of course CONAN the magnificent! What an awesome party! What an awesome family! Conan, of course, the brightest star of all!