Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Favorite Toys

click to enlarge the image if you want to read the names of the toys

Conan is really starting to get attached to certain toys. Pictured above are his current favorites. It's interesting to see which toys he connects with - for example, his favorite animal may be the Elephant (aka Baboo) but he has shown very little interest in any of the stuffed Baboo toys we have offered him. He prefers the elephant puzzle piece from his animal board puzzle. Incidentally, if you were wondering, they are called Baboos because that is the sound they make, according to Conan. BaaaboooOOOOoooo!

He really likes animals, especially horses (Hort-sie), chickens (Bockies), and of course Baboos. Monkeys (Oo-oo), Sheep (Baa), Tigers (Tigah) and Cows (Moo) are also very popular. Balls of all shapes and sizes have always been a favorite. The wooden train was a gift from his great Aunt & Uncle, and ever since he got it he has loved taking his small toys for a ride in it. "Choo Choo" has become his word for any large, motorized vehicle - from trains to trucks and tractors to helicopters and airplanes. Cars, for reasons known only to Conan, are "Chaka Choo Choo".

And then there are Baby and Baa. These two, along with Baboo Blankie, nearly always accompany Conan to bed and require their own goodnight kisses from Mama. They often go with him to Grandma & Grandpa's house on Wednesdays, but they never go with Conan when he goes to Ya-ya's house, because Conan knows he doesn't want anyone else to play with them. They are his OWN. And that's just fine - every kid needs a special toy that he doesn't have to share.

It's really neat to watch as Conan's imagination grows and he invents little games to play with his toys. They are often subject to naps, along with frequent train rides. He is delighted to share his milk and snacks with them, as well as pretend food. Horsey runs and jumps all over the house and furniture. Sometimes Conan himself is a horsey trotting around the room; other times he is a doggie on his hands and knees carrying another toy in his mouth. It's simply wonderful.


Trudel said...

I think this is my favorite post on your blog!

Addie said...

Aw, thanks! That's really nice to hear. Sometimes I really do start to wonder if I'm a total weirdo for the stuff I write here. :P