Saturday, November 14, 2009

Double Baby Day

Yesterday having both Conan and Chloe together all day was super fun. The cuteness was nearly deadly. They had lots of fun together - Looking out the window at the dog...

Climbing into the toybox together...

and of course playing with Grandma!

Here's a video collage of some of the day's activities.

In the evening we drove Chloe home for a pre-birthday gathering with several of her little friends. The highlight (at least for the toddlers) were the balloons. Jon got Chloe four helium balloons tied in a bunch with a clip that attached them to her shirt. She loved them; so did all the other babies.

It turned into a real mob scene, until Chloe retreated behind the dining room table so she could enjoy her balloons in peace. Conan's birthday is coming up soon, and I think I know what to get him! I had a good time as well, visiting with Jon and Nadege and the other parents, catching up with some old friends as well as meeting some new folks.

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Ericson said...

what a fun trip, I like the pots and pans band in the video