Sunday, October 04, 2009

Fall Fruit Festival

We attended the Cloud Mountain Farm Fall Fruit Festival yesterday. It was cold, but we were well bundled up and had a great time. They had so many delicious varieties of apples to sample! There were also lots of varieties of pears, asian pears, grapes, and berries on hand to sample. For a fruit geek like me, it was a perfect way to spend a saturday afternoon. Conan enjoyed trying the apples, but he liked the ice cream (from Mallard) a lot more. He was mesmerized by the hula-hooping kids, and also enjoyed petting, patting, kissing and talking to the pumpkins, squash, and gourds. We picked out one particularly knobby gourd for him to bring home; it's nature's own teething toy. We also brought home a 20 lb. "Sweet Banana" squash, several "Sweet Dmpling" squash, some grapes, garlic, and fresh pressed apple cider. Yum!

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