Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby Gate Fail

I was working the other morning when I realized that it was quiet - TOO QUIET. Conan had been playing in the living room, which was all baby-gated and secure, or so I thought. But when I checked he was not in the living room, but rather had managed to squirm through the cat-opening in the kitchen baby gate and was happily playing in the cat water. I snapped this picture before he knew he'd been caught:
It doesn't show that well in the photo, but he's soaked and there's water all over the floor. The thing I find the most amusing is that he was being completely silent - sneaky baby! When he's playing with something he knows is alowed, he squeals and burbles and jabbers. Aparently he knows to keep quiet when he's doing something he knows he shouldn't. Such a smart little guy. :)

We've since increased the baby-gate security somewhat. We do have to leave an opening for Iggy to get through (geriatric three-legged cats don't jump!) so there will always be a weak spot in our baby-proofing. I'll just have to keep my ear tuned for the quietness of trouble!

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