Saturday, March 01, 2008


Today we went shopping (with our wedding gift cards - yay!) at some local nurseries, and then came home and puttered about the yard until it started raining. One thing I did was buy some tree-heal and tape, and take care of this huge wound that the Japanese Cedar suffered sometime previously in the winter. Poor little tree! It looks much happier now, I trimed the branches and torn bark away and got it nicely sealed. I have no idea how the damage occured.

We also got some new strawberry plants so now the raised garden bed on the south side of the house is 100% strawberries. Last year this was our whole garden! We are planning to dig up a new, big garden for this year. In the background of this picture, you can see some of the corner stakes marking out where we are thinking of digging.
We also got a base for the sundial we received as a wedding present, and a clear half-dome cover to better protect our birdfeeder from the rain. Last but not least, we got a beautiful red oxalis to put in the plant holder by our front door, which really brightens things up!

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