Monday, March 17, 2008

Purple Kale & Raindrops

I started cleaning up my planters and hanging baskets from last season, getting them ready to plant again. I was surprised to find a number of plants survived the winter untended in their containers. The overwintered purple kale is especially beautiful, each plant is about 3 feet tall and looks ready to explode with new growth just as soon as the sun begins to shine again. I also found a surprising number of snapdragons sucessfully overwintered and looking ready to spring into action. The chrysanthemums are sprouting back, and both the pansies and the calendula seem to have throroughly reseeded themselves. It's still not exactly spring, but there are more signs every day!

1 comment:

Keeley said...

It's exactly Spring now however! Happy first day of it! Nice kale, btw. Looks good enough to eat.